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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Send greetings to Queen

A good friend sent me this article from The Sun:

Send greetings to Queen
Sun Online
THE Queen turns 80 tomorrow and we are creating an online birthday card for her.

You can send your birthday wishes for the royal and we will run the best online.

Just email your message to with the subject heading 'Queen's birthday'.

Some of the messages:

Happy Birthday your Majesty!

As an ex-pat living in the US (born and raised in Chester) it is wonderful to see how well she is still ruling our great nation.

With such dignity, pride and enthusiasm. I am a royalist and thank God every day for making me an Englishman.

"there is a nay, almost forgotten word that means more to me than any other; and that word is England" - Sir Winston Churchill

Michael Owen

Dear Queen,

Wishing you a lovely birthday!

Sarah Mc & Sarah D

A very Happy Birthday your Majesty.

Ma'am may you and the Royal family have a glorious day.

Mary Gair
And then this curious message:
Dear Queen,

Although you've never recaptured the magic you had when Freddie Mercury was alive, I'm still a big fan.

Next time American Idol asks if the contestants can use your music, however, you should tell Simon to get stuffed.



p.s. Tony Blair is SUCH a poodle.
Really. Even Daddy says so.