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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Looking for adventure and whatever comes our way...

More good news from the AP, via CBS associate KOTV :

Waste Shipment Rolls Through Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) -- The first of what is to be 15 shipments a day of radioactive waste has been trucked across Oklahoma.

We should all cheer! Good for business! McDonald's restaurants all along the highways!

Two steel canisters of 20,000 pounds of a mixture of uranium combined with fly ash was carried from a plant in southwest Ohio to a storage site in Andrews, Texas, near the Texas-New Mexico state line.

I guess that the Yucca Mountain facility isn't ready yet.

The waste is carried along Interstate 44 to Interstate 40, traveling through Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

I wonder if the potholes on I-44 and I-40 have been repaired?

State Department of Environmental Quality spokeswoman Monty Elder says officials aren't worried about the radioactive material and are satisfied it's safely packaged.

Okay, maybe... but what about the Department of Homeland Security? Any assurances from those people? Got a note from Michael Chertoff?

A total of about 2,000 shipments of the waste will be trucked across the state and officials say there will be about 15 shipments per day, seven days a week, later this summer.

I'm still waiting on that DHS note.