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Monday, March 07, 2005

"I came down with menopause today..."

"I came down with menopause today and decided to have a party." A friend of mine said this on Saturday morning as we were having coffee. Actually, she had hailed a male neighbor of hers as he entered the café, calling across the crowded tables to catch his attention. When he got within hearing distance, my friend asked, "May I borrow your drill? I came down with menopause today and decided to have a party."

Do you need proof that McLuhan is still relevant? My friend is a petite blond gamine, charming in every way. Her neighbor seemed genuinely amused, as did other nearby café patrons. On the other hand, I look like a semi with a cargo load of serious crabby on board; I'm certain that the reaction would have been quite different had I spoken the same words. Quelles différences parmi des femmes!

Pen-Elayne Riggs honors both Women's History Month and women bloggers by celebrating Women in Blogging Month. On Tuesday, 1 March 2005, Elayne wrote:

March is Estrogen Month!
Welcome to Week #1 of Women in Blogging Month, Pen-Elayne readers' chance to vote on the female bloggers that you believe deserve a wider readership and more linkage (which in turn translates into a higher profile, which perpetuates even more readers).

Of course, I hope that you go and visit Elayne's admirable blog, read the other blogs, and nominate or vote for your favorite blog-written-by-a-woman. [If Exiled from the Underworld/Ereshkigal is your favorite, I appreciate your vote, and am flattered by your choice. Look, I'm blushing!]

Elayne reposted the easy-to-follow rules and voting instructions today on her website, adding:
* When you vote for a blog keep your head up high, and don't be afraid of the dark - sorry... when you vote for a blog, please tell us all why you like that blog. People reading your comments are much likelier to take to a blog if you tell us a bit about it and what attracts you to it. And that's the long-term goal here - to get more publicity for these women and to get them not only on my blogroll but on others' as well.

Small irony about Estrogen Month: according to some websites, March is also Horse Month! One particularly infamous brand of conjugated estrogens bears the name Premarin--the name derived from Pregnant Mare Urine! Mmm, mmm-- tasty! Premarin comes in tablets, injectables, and cream. All forms are now known to carry marked health hazards, but were generally believed to be beneficial just a few short years ago.

Back in the dark days of hormone-replacement-therapy ignorance, I was the mother of four boys and one girl (the youngest). It occurred to me one fine day after they were all asleep that my sons suffered not from testosterone poisoning (a still-popular diagnosis), but from estrogen deficiency. I successfully fought the temptation to sneak into their rooms at night and smear Premarin on their foreheads (where it would be more quickly absorbed into their brains?).

They all turned out to be nice people, reaching hormonal equilibrium on their own. I still wonder sometimes if just a few well-timed topical applications of Premarin would not have eased things a bit over the years...

In the meantime, Norbizness interrupts Happy Furry Puppy Time to comment on Estrogen Month, posting:

-- This qualifies as my solidarity attempt (look! patriarchal blogosphere metaphor!) as the world suffers through Estrogen Month.

You know, I bet Premarin cream would make a lovely lotion for chapped skin. I hope that Norbizness's suffering isn't too painful, and that his attempt at solidarity doesn't chap his ass too badly. Happy Furry Puppy Time, you're my bitch!