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Thursday, February 10, 2005

"Yanni, Britney, and Neil Diamond"

"Name three musicians cleared to perform at the Abu Ghraib prison."
[Thank you, Carnac the Magnificent.]

In his Monday (7 September 2005) posting, Professor Juan Cole discussed the theocratic implications of the recent election in Iraq, and the influence of the major power players on constitution creation. He noted that the New York Times headline, "U.S. Officials Say a Theocratic Iraq Is Unlikely," reflected some of the current confusion -- if not intentional misrepresentation--regarding the use of terms.

If it means a clerically-ruled state, then I agree with Vice President Dick Cheney that a) you have to look at what Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani wants, and b) that Sistani does not want clerics to rule the country as in Iran. But the main goal of political Islam in the past few decades hasn't been clerical rule. It has been the replacement of civil law with shariah or Islamic canon law. This was done by the non-clerical government of Sudan, e.g. And that is where Iraq is headed. The only question is how wideranging the substitution will be. Will it just be personal status law (marriage, divorce, inheritance, alimony, etc.), or will it be in commercial law and other spheres of society?

Cole wrote later in the article, "At the national level, the Shiite religious parties have begun making it clear that implementing Islamic law is among their highest priorities." [Emphasis added]

Want to know what Iraqi life would be like under Grand Ayatullah Sayyid Ali Husaini Sistani? Go to his website, "", for a preview of Shia life.

Music would be allowed, but not if it's enjoyable. (It might be acceptable to use unenjoyable music for other purposes, such as torture.)

No: 1 Question:Can a Muslim Listen to music?
Answer:It is permissible to listen to music which is not fit for diversion and play.

No: 2 Question:Please specify if any music is allowed in Islam?
Answer:Music other than diversion and play is allowed.

No: 3 Question:Is music haram to listen to for Muslims? If yes why please explain?
Answer:It is Haram to listen to music special for diversion and play.

I can't tell if Botox is allowed, but those implants are fine.

Question:Please could you let me know if a plastic surgery is permissible in Islam?
Answer:It is permissible.

The Grand Ayatullah Sayyid Ali Husaini Sistani approves of televised sports, and apparently favors cricket. If you bet on the games, though, you'd better do so only with the intent that the purse goes to charity. Horse-racing is fine; archery is fine.

Question:I am really confused and having hard time explaining the difference between betting in:
1- Horse racing & Archery
2- Lottery
Why is the first permissible and the second impermissible?
Answer:Lottery is a sort of gambling and there is nothing one may do to deserve the property. But horse-racing and archery are for a purpose which is called "Self-defense". However, this is the order (hokm) of Allah and we are but to follow it without asking for reason.

No: 1 Question:Is playing cricket forbidden? And what about watching cricket and other sports on television?
Answer:There is no objection in it.

No: 2 Question:I work at an exchange office but they also make me sell lottery. Is it permitted to sell lottery in this case?
Answer:Selling lottery cards is not permissible. Yes, it is permissible to take the property with the intention to contribute in a charitable project such as building a mosque or a bridge not with the intention of earning profit or a prize.

NO CHESS. Nada. None. Don't ask.

Question:Is playing a chess allowed?
Answer:It is absolutely unlawful.

Question:Chess is Halal or Haram?
Answer:Chess is absolutely forbidden.

If you're thinking of giving your husband a pinky ring, you'll need to set that diamond in platinum or silver.

Question:Is it admissible using of gold and silver cuff-links, pins and tie pins?
Answer:It is forbidden for man to use gold ornaments.

You can forget the gaudy dinnerware, too.

Question:Why using of gold and silver dishes, forks, spoons and knifes is haram?
Answer:According to Islamic Sharia, eating and drinking liquid in gold and silver dishes is forbidden. It is not so important to know the reason or know not.

I bet you could have guessed the next one:

Question:What is an orgy?
Answer:It's forbidden.

Here's an interesting facet of shariah family law:

Question:Why are we not allowed to adopt chidren if we cannot bear one of our own?
Answer:It is permissible to adopt child, but he is not legally considered one’s son; it has no inheritance rulings, Mahramiyyah (intimacy) and the like.

Do you think that someone promised to grant you some property after his death? Bring witnesses. Note: One woman is an insufficiently credible witness. However, four women might be.

If a person claims that the deceased had willed that a certain amount should be given to him, and two Adil men confirm his statement, or if he takes an oath, and one Adil man also confirms his statement, or if one Adil man and two Adil women, or four Adil women bear witness to what he says, the amount claimed by him should be given to him.
And if only one Adil woman bear witness, 1/4 of the amount claimed by him should be given to him, and if two Adil women bear witness, 1/2 of that amount, and if three Adil women bear witness, 3/4 of it should be given to him.
Also, if two non-Muslim males from amongst the people of the Book, who are esteemed as Adil in their own religion, confirm his statement, and if the dead person was obliged to make a Will while no Adil man and woman was present at that time, the amount claimed by that person should be given to him.

Before signing up with a cell phone provider, check out the company's owners.

Question:Is purchasing Nokia mobile allowed or not?
Answer:His permissible in it say.
But if the prvfic gues to Israel, it is not allowed to purchase it.

Although there is no instruction regarding downloaded ringtones for cellular phones, I think that you are safe to use your favorite tune. No cell phone ring is "fit for diversion and play."