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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Happy 23rd Birthday!

Happy 23rd birthday to Channing Hott Abbott, a/k/a "Wonderdog", "Channerd", "Dr. Deedle", and other names designed to delight and to misdirect. When I last heard from him, he and the Cyclown Circus had left Italy for Turkey, traveling through Greece. I love him and miss him terribly-- and marvel at his life.

See him with his accordion here, here, here (I especially like the picture of Channing playing the accordion while riding his unicycle and passing between the fire jugglers); one-foot unicycling and playing; and tall-bicycling (here and here). [Note to Craig Huber and to Christine de Pierro: thank you for your photos and all the other marvels you produce!]

Disclosure: Channing is my first-born, eldest brother to Avery and Calder (whom you will encounter in March, if not before). How lucky is this world to have such fine people in it as my children, and how immeasurably proud of them am I! (My boasting includes my stepsons, Russell and Justin, half-brothers to Channing, Avery, and Calder.)