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Monday, January 10, 2005

When Disneyland is not enough...

Planning a vacation soon? Ever think of visiting... Kentucky? For
its theme parks?

"We want people to be confronted by the dinosaurs," said Mr Ham. "It's going to be a first class experience. Visitors are going to be hit by the professionalism of this place. It is not going to be done in an amateurish way. We are making a statement"... Mr Ham is particularly proud of a planned reconstruction of the interior of Noah's Ark. "You will hear the water lapping, feel the Ark rocking and perhaps even hear people outside screaming," he said.


1. Wasn't Ham one of Noah's sons? Is this guy a direct descendant?
[no, no, that would be too cheesy, he said wryly]

2. Could these people have picked a worse PR opportunity to discuss the flood? Could Ken Ham be more insensitive to the losses from the tsunami?

3. If the "real terror that Adam's sin unleashed" is having a Tyrannosaurus Rex chase Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, and T Rex is now extinct, does that mean that Original Sin has been forgiven?

4. Extra credit points awarded to anyone who can answer why, if God's retribution for teaching evolution at Columbine High School was an attack by students, the attack occurred in an overwhelmingly white, Christian, upper-middle-class community-- NOT in some lefty-liberal nest?