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Friday, January 07, 2005

Strip-searching Dick and Jane

The city of LaMarque, Texas ("the hometown of United States Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison") is understandably proud of its school system:

La Marque's Independent School District is the "Home of Champions" - students and athletes. La Marque High School has celebrated nine state championship titles in the past four years- three in track and field, three in football, one in powerlifting, one in softball and one in one-act plays. La Marque also has won UIL awards recently in Academic Decathlon, journalism and career and technology competitions.

My guess is that the citizens of LaMarque observe the Ten Commandments, tend to be Christian, and believe that their practices reflect high moral values.

It makes sense that 10 children were strip-searched at school-- excuse me, at their award-winning charter school-- in an unsuccessful attempt to find a missing $10 bill.

10 students strip searched over $10 bill

Associated Press
Jan. 7, 2005 03:10 PM

LA MARQUE, Texas - Police in Texas are investigating why 10 students at an award-winning charter school were strip searched while officials looked for a missing $10.

The principal of the Mainland Preparatory Academy says the 11- and 12-year-olds were separated by gender and told to strip to their underwear. The money wasn't found.

At least one parent filed a police complaint, and pulled her four children out of the school 40 miles southeast of Houston.
The principal defended the action, saying it's been done before and may be done again. She says nobody objected to it -- because they all wanted to clear their name.

Police say the search wasn't against the law, but investigators want to see if it was done legally.

Hmmm... LaMarque is 40 miles southeast of Houston; Alberto Gonzales, nominee for Attorney General of the United States, was reared in Houston.

It must be a coincidence.